Static Eudora Backup

Static Eudora Backup 2.9

Static Eudora Backup software is a backup tool which can backup all your emails

Static Eudora Backup software is a powerful backup tool which can backup all your emails, Eudora settings into an archive file. You can compress and setup a password for your archive. Static Eudora Backup is very easy to use, you don't need waste your time to learn how to use it, just few clicks will backup all your email data into an archive. Static Eudora Backup also can backup Internet Explorer settings and Favorites from your computer. This powerful backup software is able to upload the archive to your FTP server or burn the archive to CD/DVD writable device. In new version, scheduler has been built-in, just setup a time to backup your emails, the backup software will backup your email in time.
- Easy to use
- Just few clicks you will get your email store backed up
- Backup program can compress your archive with high compress ratio
- Encryption
- Backup program can encrypt your archive with password protect
- Double click to restore
- You can double click your archive to start the restore program
- Backup My Documents
- Backup program also scan and backup My Documents folder
- Backup Internet Explorer Settings
- Backup program can backup settings of Internet Explorer
- Backup Favorites
- Backup program can backup your favorites
- Support FTP server transfer
- Backup program can transfer archive to custom FTP server after archive is backed up
- Support CD/DVD writable device
- Backup program can write archive to CD/DVD writable device after archive is backed up
- Large file support
- Backup program can backup large file more than 4GB
- Scheduler
- Scheduler has built-in, you can schedule your backup process

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